Now: NOFOMA 2013

Congratulations to NOFOMA on the 25th anniversary!

In this light, the conference started with a great panel discussion on the past and future of logistics research, with some people who have attended the very first of 25 conferences already! The conference has come a long way, but so has logistics research and practice that has matured during this time as well – though at different speed, as Mats Abrahamsson pointed out, with research that has earlier lagged behind practice now rather setting the pace.

Probably the most interesting question is though, what will happen in the next 25 years? An important warning came from Britta Gammelgaard NOT to forget the discipline and its own journals. Now that finally most of our “usual suspects” of research outlets have been ranked in various systems, for some reason researchers are turning to other outlets instead. It’s one issue to get into rankings, but now it is time to keep them up. Even more importantly, how are we engaging with the right audience if we forget about logistics management and SCM journals?


PS. Time to focus again on the humanitarian logistics presentations, which there are plenty. Pity the conference in KL is clashing with this…

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2 responses to “Now: NOFOMA 2013

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