Images of “supply chain management”

There is not a cow in Texas that has not heard of SCM, and the snapshot showed here seems to provide a rather unified view of how the phenomena is to be depicited: in flow charts and -diagrams. Even in colors!

This is the result of a brief search on Google for “supply chain management” Images. The images that appear as a result do depict SCM as a form of an ideal order, but what is much more difficult to explain is how this condition is to be achieved (provided that we understand the circumstances under which SCM is a preferred approach).

The same search of logistics images results in similar diagrams, though with more pictures of airplanes, trucks and forklifts. Images of purchasing are less into diagrams but more into pictures of people discussing at a conference table, an image of a handshake, and not least, this symbol here: $. To include all three amigos of SCM, finally a search of operations does also revel a number of diagrams, but with a large portion of images of a control centre and operations room.

We are still tempted to asked whether supply chains are the creation of PowerPoint?!

What would be your favorite image of SCM?


One response to “Images of “supply chain management”

  1. Hubert Fischer

    Where is the picture of the mechanic or operations person, staring with a preplexed look at a part, saying, who the ^%&% ordered these? Or perhaps, a picture of some MBA showing a chart saying ” In theory, this ….”

    I know SCM can work fairly well (Mcdonalds and Cargill come to mind) but I think for so many of us, its not the 80% success that is remembered, its the 20% failure rate that sticks in our memories.

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