NOFOMA 2008 – Jun 4-6 in Helsinki

The abstract deadline for NOFOMA 2008 is approaching soon – note Jan 15 in your calendars! Uniquely, the conference is co-organised by four different universities, actually, ALL of those that have logistics education in the Helsinki region (and yes, I say Helsinki region, because oddly enough, the Helsinki University of Technology is actually located in Espoo, not in Helsinki). The big four are Hanken, the Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology, and the National Defence University. Just in time that they’ve started to co-operate, after all this is nothing smaller than the 20th anniversary conference! So you can be sure of a great celebration in Helsinki during Jun 4-6.

While the website is migrating (we are still waiting for access rights), here are the crucial dates to note. And a link to the call for papers. UPDATE: you’ll find the CFP on the Nofoma 2008 page of this blog!

First to the dates:
– Deadline for structured abstracts (for Nofoma and Educators Day): Jan 15, 2008
– Full paper deadline (for Nofoma and Educators Day): Mar 28, 2008
– Revisions, WIP papers, poster sessions, and papers for the NORDLOG doctoral workshop: May 2, 2008
– Early bird registration: May 2, 2008
– NORDLOG Doctoral Workshop: Jun 4, 2008 (at the Helsinki University of Technology)
– NOFOMA Educators Day: Jun 4, 2008 (at the Helsinki School of Economics)
– NOFOMA main conference: Jun 5-6, 2008 (at HANKEN)

As you’ll note from the CFP, there are a couple of new features coming up with the conference.
– First of all, the educators day has a call for papers! I.e. please submit your teaching-relevant publications to the conference! They’ll be reviewed, and the ones that make it as a full paper will be included in the conference proceedings.
– Secondly, there is a poster session with a special deadline.
– And… lots of surprise elements to come. But they wouldn’t be surprises if I were to post them here, would they?😉

So, note the dates and have a look at the CFP. You’ll find all traditional logistics/SCM themes on it (from theoretical developments, modelling and simulation tracks, to TPL-related issues, ICT in logistics etc.). And a couple of new ones: humanitarian logistics, security & safety in traffic and transport (greetings to the EU’s 7FP), and healthcare supply chains.

Most importantly, this is a conference with a full paper review. And, best papers will be selected for the International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management.

Welcome to Helsinki in June!


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