Keeping alert! with latest research results

Technology is our friend in receiving alerts on what has been published lately: there are alert e-mails from publishers, even RSS feeds of journals*. You can sign up for your Emerald alerts or access Elsevier theme websites, Inderscience blogs or follow any through facebook/twitter/you name it. I.e., social networks help as well, though still the most targeted are research networks that send out CFPs and TOC alerts. Many of these are specialised, with groups in e.g. SCrisk mgmt sending out their own newsletters etc. And what is new, IJPDLM‘s TOC alerts are now sent out via Elmar as well, extending SCM to marketing scholars and hopefully sparking a debate between disciplines (and avoiding reinventing the wheel).


*Admittedly, not on this blog, but I have managed to integrate the feeds of some SCM journals on my account:-)

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