Jack of all trades

There are some jobs that are around to fix problems. It is good to know a good dentist, banker, insurance agent, or logistician – but would you want to be the one people only call if they have a problem to solve? At some point I wrote about the truck driver image of logistics, perhaps more fitting is one of a jack of all trades (in its original positive meaning*) as described in this blog. And here’s a recipe to the answer on what it actually means to be a logistician: McLogistics (in Swedish, but google translate my help:-) )

No wonder there is still a confusion as for whether SCM is an umbrella term or to be equalled with logistics. With all these image problems, who wouldn’t want to be a supply chain manager instead?


*Funnily enough “jack of all trades” seems to suffer from a similar positive to negative transition in meaning as “Mädchen für alles”…

4 responses to “Jack of all trades

  1. Tack, PO, even better!

  2. Amin Maghsoudi

    Dear Gyongyi
    regarding to the confusion about the supply chain or logistics as an umbrella , you might look into article ” Defining supply chain management”
    BY Mentzer et al. 2001,

  3. Amin Maghsoudi

    or article named “SCM and its relationship to logistics, marketing, … by Mentzer , Stank , and Esper, (2008)

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