Now: POMS 2013

POMS is another one of this incredibly huge conferences where you need to be lucky – or plan it well – to actually meet people outside of the main track you are attending. The quality overall is impressive, pity that most presentations are based on abstracts only.

Different from many other conferences is all the career advice – there are lots of teaching-related tracks, actual career advice tracks, and probably best, there was even a one for women in operations management on how to manage life and career together. More of these, please! (Luckily, also INFORMS has a similar community already, though I am not too convinced of the name “WORMS“.)

If there is anything to complain about, it’s the scam with the mini-conferences that everyone thinks they paid for but are then asked to pay for even more. Apparently even the organisers of these were ripped off! It’s not as if the conference hadn’t been pricy already without that… and the catering is, well:


One response to “Now: POMS 2013

  1. Eileen Hess

    What is involved in the “birth and development” from an operations management perspective of a product to include organizing a supply chain and designing a virtual production facility.

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